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10 Best Drone For $500 in 2021

best drone for $500
best drone for $500

If you will see how to choose the best Drone For $500 let’s start by looking at the best drone available today.If you are looking for a simple new way to enjoy the benefits of a camera , a drone may be the perfect option for you.

Drones have evolved significantly in recent years, with improvements in battery life, connectivity, quality, and image stabilization. As a tool for photographers, video producers and even influencers like Paula Gonu and Dulceida, drones have become a coveted object of desire because they can be used both as a toy and as a tool for professional use. Even some of the smallest drones, which take up very little space, are capable of capturing smooth 4K images from the sky.

We have selected the cheap Drone For $500 on the market for 2021 based on a wide range of technology.There are many different sizes and formats of devices.In case you are not sure whether this is the type of drone you are looking for, check out this list.We have selected the best drone for beginners.

Best Drone For $500 in 2021

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1. Best Drone For $500 – [DJI Mavic 2 Pro]

  • 1-inch 20MP CMOS sensor
  • 31 minute maximum flight time
  • 4k video 30fps, 3-axis gimbal
  • Omnidirectional obstacle detection

DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro is hands down their best consumer drone to date. It takes the high-end performance and camera capabilities of the larger Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian, but puts it in a pack that’s foldable, fits in your backpack, and does everything a drone might need. It’s fantastic.

Image and video quality is virtually unmatched by anything else in its price range, thanks to the use of a large 1-inch CMOS sensor and optics designed with the help of renowned camera maker, Hasselblad.

Take fantastic images, thanks to advanced 10-bit HDR processing, as well as excellent 4K video. Also, professionals can make use of DJI’s Dlog-M profile to provide them with a raw file that is really great for grading and color adjustment in the editing suite.

In addition to incredible image and video capabilities, the Mavic 2 Pro has all the latest DJI innovations for obstacle avoidance and pre-programmed flight patterns.

It is one of the only drones that has obstacle sensors on all sides and has the APAS system that, instead of stopping in front of obstacles, you can find a way through them, as long as they are not completely blocking your way.

2. Good Drone For $500 – [DJI Mavic Air 2S]

  • 3-axis stabilizer
  • Advanced obstacle avoidance
  • Small enough to fit in a coat pocket
  • 20MP still images / 5.4K video
  • Up to 31 minutes of flight

If you are looking for a really small drone with all the power and features of the larger flagship models, look no further. The Mavic Air 2S is that drone. It’s essentially a house halfway between the smaller Mini and the larger Mavic 2 / Mavic Pro series drones.

It’s small, fits in the side pocket of a backpack, but still packs a punch.When folded, it’s only slightly longer than a large smartphone, and shares dimensions similar to the included remote that comes with most Mavic series drones.

That means it can sit comfortably in the palm of your hand without any problem.Despite its size, it is a more than capable drone. It has three-way obstacle detection and can make use of many Quick Shot flight modes enabled on other drones.

Also, the camera is mounted on a small 3-axis stabilizer. it is also surprisingly capable of withstanding the wind.You get 4K video at 60fps and HDR stills from the 1-inch 20-megapixel CMOS sensor, so there’s not much compromise on image / video quality.

3. Budget Drone For $500 – [DJI Mini 2]

  • 31 minute flight time
  • 4k video, 3-axis gimbal
  • GPS / VPS
  • 10 km range with controller

Before 2019, DJI’s smallest drone was the DJI Spark, which, while small, was not the best drone on the market. It had minimal stabilization, only Full HD recording, and the arms were stiff.

With the Mavic Mini, DJI improved almost everything and then improved it again with the second-generation model.Like all other Mavics, the arms are foldable, allowing you to reduce the size of the drone so that it is practically the same in length and width as a smartphone.

Folds small enough to fit in your coat pocket. It is tiny.You also don’t get any of the usual warnings you’d normally get with a small drone. Battery life is great for its size, it shoots up to 4k resolution video that’s super stable thanks to the three-axis gimbal, and it even features some of the advanced QuickShot modes of the larger drones.

Add to that the fact that it only weighs 249 grams, and you have a drone that is not restricted by any of the regulations and rules that you must adhere to by anything, even a gram heavier. In the UK, that means there is no need to take a theory exam or register it.

If you are looking for an experience of what it’s like to fly a proper advanced drone, without the financial outlay and in a drone small enough to take anywhere, this is the one for you. It’s great.

4. Affordable Drone For $500 – [Anafi parrot]

  • 4K / 30fps + 1080p / 60fps
  • Lossless zoom
  • 3 axis gimbal
  • 25 minute flight time

It is not the best built drone out there. In fact, its lightweight plastic casing makes it feel a bit cheap, but there’s no denying that the Anafi’s specs are very good.

It folds down to be really slim, similar in width to a water bottle, making it perfect for storing in the side pocket of a backpack. Also, it has a camera built into a 3-axis gimbal on the front that is capable of pointing skyward.

It can last up to 25 minutes on a single charge and refills quickly with the Type-C connection. It shoots 4K at 30 fps and can survive in winds of up to 50 km / h, and reaches flight speeds of 33 km / h.

5. Cheap Drone For $500 – [DJI Inspire 1 Pro]

  • Camera: 12.4 Megapixels
  • Range: 3.5 Kilometers
  • Autonomy: 45 minutes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Weight: 1.37 Kilograms
  • Automatic return: Yes

We present one of the best quality-price and most powerful drones that currently exists on the market, and it is no wonder, it could be used for military missions. If you wonder which is the best dji drone, this is your answer.

DJI Inspire 1 Pro has a 12.4 megapixel camera, accompanied by a Sony EXMOR sensor, which provides the necessary stability to take photos and videos at a speed of 70 km / h .

It will record videos in Full HD and 4K so that you can capture all the elements of the environment in full detail.This good and cheap Chinese drone has a long battery life, has a maximum flight time of 40 minutes , reaching distances of up to 45 km.

Obviously, it is not recommended for personal use or beginners since you will have to pay more than 4000 euros to get it.

It is designed for companies and commercial use, obtaining high performance and profit. Check all the opinions of its users in the link that we have left below the product photograph. Discover here everything that this product can do, where you may be facing the best drone in the world.

  • Long flight autonomy, up to 40 minutes
  • It reaches distances of up to 45 km and reaches speeds of 70 km / h
  • Very powerful camera (Full HD and 4K)
  • High price

6. Recommended Drone For $500 – [DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Fly]

  • Camera: 4K
  • Range: 4 Kilometers
  • Autonomy: 30 minutes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Weight: 998 grams
  • Automatic return: Yes

Here there are no doubts, considered the best professional drone and one of the best quality-price drones. Especially used for commercial use and professional users.It is extremely small and compact , with technical characteristics that do not leave anyone indifferent.

It has dimensions of 10 x 10 x 10 cm and weighs just under 300 grams.DJI Mavic Pro Platinum has powerful engines integrated making it have a flight range of 30 minutes , traveling up to 13 km of distance.

A real madness. Well, this is not all, it has a GPS system , giving you the option of following you wherever you go and detecting dangerous obstacles.Another aspect to highlight is its camera, allowing you to take photos and make videos in 4K .

These are of great quality. In part, thanks to its 3-axis stabilizer, which allows taking photos even at high speeds (max. 65KM / h)

It has an exceptional remote control, as it allows you to monitor the drone from your mobile phone, even so it has a remote control that integrates an LCD screen where you can see all the flight data.

Therefore, it is a drone specially designed for professional users and companies. Its price does not exceed 1200 euros , so it would be within the group of high-end drones.

  • Large 3-axis stabilizer
  • High resolution camera. Record 4k videos
  • It has integrated GPS
  • High price

7. DJI Mavic Air Fly

  • Camera: 2 Megapixels
  • Range: 50 meters
  • Autonomy: 16 minutes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Weight: 430 grams
  • Automatic return: Yes

Currently the best brand of drones is Chinese (DJI) , as they are the ones that offer the most benefits. We have considered this DJI Mavic Air Fly as the best Chinese drone of the moment and now we will see why.

We consider it as the best quality-price camera drone. It combines excellent height stability with a powerful camera without limits. It provides 32MP spherical panoramic views and can take 25 photos in 8 seconds.

It has a built-in 3-axis stabilizer with a 12-megapixel, 2.3-inch CMO sensor and a 2.8 focal lens, allowing you to take high-quality photos and videos.With this mid-range drone, you can enjoy 4k and slow motion reproductions with UHD quality .

Additionally, the photos can be adapted to the latest HRD technology format allowing the brightness and luminosity to be adjusted automatically depending on the amount of ambient light.

As if that were not enough, this Chinese drone with camera incorporates a large internal 8GB digital storage and with the possibility of inserting an external micro SD memory card , to later export all the files through a USB-C port .

DJI Mavic Air Fly was designed for advanced users and professionals, allowing them to enjoy an unbeatable experience for just over 1,000 euros. Buy the best Chinese drone right here at a very cheap price.

  • Super camera to record videos in 4K and HRD
  • Can shoot 25 photos in 8 seconds
  • Large internal memory, accepting external memory cards
  • It does not have an integrated GPS or GLONASS positioning system

8. DJI Mavic Pro

  • Camera: 4K
  • Range: 4 Kilometers
  • Autonomy: 27 minutes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Weight: 726 grams
  • Automatic return: No

Thanks to its high resolution camera and accompanied by the image stabilizer, they make it position itself as the best quality-price drone with a camera to record high definition videos in 4k. All this makes it one of the top quality-price drones.

In addition, it is small and compact, with a system of 4 vision sensors that allow it to detect obstacles from 15 meters away and offers excellent precision when braking and turning. Therefore, its maneuverability is purely for professionals.

DJI Mavic Pro composed of 24 high-performance processors, records high-quality 4K videos and takes HD photos at high speeds. Additionally, its remote and transmission control can reach distances of up to 7 kilometers without obstacles or interference. The height is somewhat more limited, even so it can rise up to 80 meters away.

  • Incorporates vision sensors
  • Internal memory to store photos and videos
  • Low battery life

9. DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

The DJI Mavic 2 Zoom is practically identical to the Mavic 2 Pro, except for one crucial difference: its camera system.

While both drones are incredibly portable, share the same lightweight foldable design, and offer a host of high-end features, the Zoom combines a smaller 12MP sensor with a 24-48mm optical zoom lens.

That means you can capture close-ups of subjects such as people, while maintaining a safe and legal distance of 50m. Due to its smaller sensor, the image quality does not quite match that of the Mavic 2 Pro and the f / 2.8 aperture is fixed, but the photos and videos are still good enough for professional use.

The real bonus is that zoom lens, which opens up a world of creative $500 potential. The scope is good, minimal distortion and control is intuitive through the app. On top of that, you get all the smart flight modes you’d expect from a DJI drone, including Active Track and Hyperlapse, as well as a decent 30-minute flight time. If you want a drone with zoom, this is the one for you.

  • Easy flight and intuitive to control
  • 12MP small sensor

10. Ryze Tello

Simple, lightweight, and affordable, the Ryze Tello is designed to be a fun drone for first-time buyers.

And despite its inexpensive price, the Tello has a lot to offer: the battery offers a reasonable 13-minute flight time, while the downward-facing light sensors allow the Tello to hover in position and perform many automated tricks.

The image quality of its 5MP camera is less impressive, with limited dynamic range and notable compression effects when streaming 720p HD video. Since the video is streamed directly to your smartphone, the frame rate is affected by any drop in connection strength.

That being said, the app is refreshingly simple and an easy way to pilot the Tello, with an on-screen dual-stick setup that is rewardingly responsive. The theoretical range is 100m, but 30-40m is more realistic, which since even the slightest breeze can deflect the 80g Tello is not necessarily a bad thing.

  • Responsive flight controls
  • Light and compact
  • Unstable when there is wind

Buying Guide

Drones are mini helicopters or aerial vehicles which have two main objectives, entertainment and commercial / professional use.There are many companies that use it as a work tool , such as making promotional videos.

It is always difficult to know which is the best drone , since there are numerous types, models, brands and above all, those that are aimed at one audience or another.

Types of drones

Drones for hobbyists

Probably the most popular type of drones, since this is where all drones for medium and advanced users would enter.   There are options for all budgets and needs, from those who want to buy high-performance drones to those who simply want to buy cheap drones with which to have a good time.

Most have cameras for those who want to test video and aerial photography, the quality of which will depend on the price willing to pay by the user. Here we would also find the famous Mavic 2 or the DJI Phantom , among many others, less known.

FPV drones or racing drones

Here one of our favorite drone types. FPV drones, also known as racing drones, have been gaining in popularity lately among drone pilots, both young and old.These nimble little machines are incredibly fun to fly with the help of FPV goggles. You will have a real perspective from the drone as you fly at full speed around obstacles and through landscapes as if you were aboard a Star Wars ship.

The best thing is that not only can you buy one already assembled, but many people build it on their own by buying the parts separately. Being small works of art totally personalized and made to measure by its creator.


These are very small drones, known as mini drones or nano drones. Some do not even exceed the size of the palm of the hand. The best thing is that they are very easy to fly and are considered the best options for beginners or children.

The price, in addition, is quite content, being able to find them easily for less than € 50. Of course, many do not have a built-in camera and those that do do not offer enough quality for someone minimally demanding.

Professional drones

Although many hobbyist drones are routinely used for professional purposes, truly professional drones offer the best technology in these types of devices. They have the highest qualities and benefits, giving the best performance both when flying and when taking images.

Its professional applications are multiple, covering more and more fields, and its price is several thousand euros. Here we would have for example the Inspire series from DJI.

What is the best drone brand

As in any category of products, there are many brands fighting to get a piece of cake. However, we could select the best drone brands.

With GPS

For more advanced and professional users, the fact that they have integrated GPS is a very great competitive advantage, since you will be able to locate it in case of loss and configure automatic routes, among others.

The main functionalities that the GPS will provide you and that you will see reflected on the remote control screen are:

RTH or return home : This feature consists of the automatic return by the drone to your position, when it reaches a minimum battery level or flight out of range.

Follow me or Follow me: You can configure your drone to follow you wherever you go, it is really useful for promotional videos.

Establish a route: You can configure a route on the remote control map for the drone to reproduce it, that is, turn in circles and go to a certain point and return.

With camera

Another factor to take into account, the camera built into a drone can offer a lot of versatility. There are models with cameras up to 12 megapixels to record in very high resolution (HRD, HD, 4K). That is, the technology that the cameras have incorporated has nothing to envy that of the best mobile.

Internal memory

If your idea is to get the most out of taking photos and videos, you will need to get a drone that has a good internal memory or at least the possibility of inserting an external memory card. This mode can store everything you record or , photograph , and later transfer it to another electronic device such as a computer or mobile.

Do not worry, it is really easy, many of the memory cards are micro SSD , and you can transfer all the files to the pc with a USB port, usually it is type C.

Additionally, you can integrate your mobile or small tablet into the remote control of the drone as well as transfer the photos and videos you take.

Battery life

If they have any issues, this may be one of them. The battery life is really low. Most of them only offer between 8 and 15minutes of flight . However, the most sophisticated and advanced can take up to 30 minutes.

This is why almost all of them come with two batteries, otherwise it is advisable to get one or two spare ones so that the exciting experience of flying a drone is not so short-lived.

Remote control method

It is about the way we are going to monitor our drone, there are numerous ways to do it. The most rudimentary is by means of a remote control or command where we can control it at will.

On the contrary, and with the most sophisticated, apart from having an integrated screen, we can connect it to our mobile device and make the flight from here.

Where can I fly my drone?

If it weighs more than 250 g, do not fly over clusters of buildings. Neither in inhabited areas such as towns or meetings of people outdoors. The lightest drones will be able to do it at a maximum height of 20 meters in these situations.

The drone must be flown at a minimum distance of 8 km from airports or airfields. In any case, outside of controlled airspaces. Always avoiding spaces where other aircraft fly or where low-altitude flights are carried out.

In any case, remember that you are responsible for the possible damages that your drone may cause, for this reason a civil liability insurance is recommended.

How high can I fly my drone?

The maximum height allowed to fly a drone in Spain is 120 meters, always within the visual range of the pilot.

Can I fly my drone at night?

Yes, at a maximum height of 50 meters. Unless your drone weighs more than 2 kg, in which case it can only be flown during the day.

Use FPV devices

When flying using FPV (First Person View) devices, such as DJI Goggles, the pilot must be accompanied by an observer who is in direct visual contact with the drone to guarantee the safety of the flight and always in permanent contact with the pilot. .

Use of images

We must comply with the Data Protection Law, as well as that of the Right to honor and personal and family privacy. Therefore, we will need authorization from people or those responsible for private spaces whenever we want to disseminate and use images of them.


With all this data, buying the cheap Drone For $500 will be a little easier. There is a drone for each one, the important thing is to know which is the one that best suits us. Here you have a good selection of Affordable Drone For $500 from many manufacturers. You are sure to find the perfect model of camera for you. Obviously the more professional the models are, the more expensive they are.